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So I was looking through files on my computer and came across a sound bite that was titled “dat tangible keisha” so I opened it and it’s just a bunch of clips of John, Kath, Bert, and I laughing…

It’s funny, then it’s creepy, then it’s funny again.

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Lemme tell you bout my breast fiend.

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I am angry.

So many have shared their love and sorrow over Robin William’s apparent suicide yet so few care to speak of the murder of Michael Brown. For every seven “You’ll be missed, Robin,” you maybe get one mention of Michael Brown. And when you do, the typical response is that by living in that area he was asking for it (“it” of course being gunned down by someone society gave a gun to). Some people aren’t even mentioning Michael Brown at all, only pointing out that they think the anger and reaction to his murder is pitiful and misguided. Of course, these people haven’t had to deal with systematic oppression or obvious attacks (aka murders) on the people of their various societal groups.

I’m sure none would say that this is surprising. Though that doesn’t make it any less upsetting. 

You guys I am having an epiphany.

The saying “shooting fish in a barrel” finally makes sense when the fish are in the barrel…..OF THE GUN!

I’ve been trying to crack this code for ten years and I’ve finally succeeded. I can now venture off to my next quest.

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But why do they make toasters that go up to 8 when they know damn good and well that anything set to 3 or above is going to come out looking like it just discovered the eighth depth of hell?

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Last night in Austin with some of the best people.



Last night in Austin with some of the best people.


&#8230;.the hell?

….the hell?

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when two of ur friends are closer to each other than they are to u


Once. Only once did I google gay cruises. And now Facebook gives me nothing but ads of men in speedos on boats. 

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