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Have you ever seen a trainwreck?
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GET SCHOOLED with trades & issues of 3 AWESOME imagecomics​ series on sale now - DEADLY CLASS, MORNING GLORIES & FIVE WEAPONS! Oh… it’s about to get real.

Aw yis

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I'll check that out then, thanks! May I ask, why are you learning code? -singlestranded

No reason in particular. I just find it fun and interesting! :D

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Ordering so much food they give you multiple fortune cookies.


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"I’mma take a photo of this."

"I’mma take a photo of this."

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So I discovered a few websites that teach code for free. I mean, this is probably the most basic shit but it is all so fucking cool! I wish I would have studied some of this in school. 


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Well “Hot Guy at Bar” was attempting to finger me on the dance floor at the bar last night so I think it’s safe to say that romance is very much alive.


So I was looking through files on my computer and came across a sound bite that was titled “dat tangible keisha” so I opened it and it’s just a bunch of clips of John, Kath, Bert, and I laughing…

It’s funny, then it’s creepy, then it’s funny again.

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